Hi. I am Michael Collins, a commercial photographer based in Northern Virginia outside of Washington, DC. I am Senior Photographer at, and I also freelance for a variety of clients. I specialize in product photography, portraiture, head shots, and wedding photography.

I’m used to working on photography projects of every size, from Kickstarter campaigns for businesses that don’t yet exist to advertising images for major brands and licensed properties.

As a commercial photographer my biggest talent is the ability to create images that draw eyes and generate buzz. (I’m particularly proud of how much money my product photography has made for my eCommerce clients.)

Have a project? Drop me a line. Not sure about budget? Let’s talk. I can’t work for free, but if you have an intriguing project we can usually find a way to make something work.

Follow me on Twitter: @collinscentral.

Michael Collins Photography
Washington, DC & Northern Virginia